2024 PRE ORDER Apron Bias Dress

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This item is available for for pre-order for 2023. Please select your size.

 This is a brand new style for 2023 made from hand woven plant dyes loom woven organic cotton.  This new dress has a full bias cut skirt with shell button side closure and lace-up detailing at the back for corset fit and tie at back of neck.  Dress includes an additional unattached belt. 

This hand woven cotton is created on a loom in a workshop in Bali, Indonesia. It’s white and black gingham pattern is what is referred to as “poleng cloth.”   Poleng cloth is material used in traditional ceremonies, both worn and wrapped around sacred trees or statues of deities. The significance of the black and white squares is much like the “yin/yang” symbol where it represents the dark and the light, the positive and negative energies of this universe. The message is one of balance. That we need to consider that in all of us and everything there exists both polarities. 

AWAVEAWAKE garments are created using 100% naturally dyed plant materials by hand, completely processed without the use synthetic chemicals.  There may be variation in the colors evenness and from garment to garment. This makes each garment one of a kind, made with love and consideration for our planet.