Long Satin Cape Shawl

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Hazy Lavender is hand dyed with sappan bark and sacred Balinese flowers.

This style is one size. Shown in pink opal paired with a bias train slip.

100% plant dyed
100% silk satin

Our heavier version of the our chiffon cape shawl is in silk satin offering more opaque cape coverage and just as much amusement. You can also belt this as wear this as a gown in and of itself…wear with a neck tie scarf or secure it belted with a sash. Shell button with loop thread closure. Can be worn asymmetrically, front to back and vis a vis.

Worn here with Flow Wrap Skirt beneath the cape

Additional colors may be available, please inquire at info@awaveawake.com.

AWAVEAWAKE garments are created using 100% naturally dyed plant materials by hand, completely processed without synthetic chemicals. There may be variation in the colors evenness and from garment to garment. This makes each garment one of a kind, made with love and consideration for our planet.