Shakti Slip

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Aquamarine Teal is created from a combination of indigo and mango leaves sourced from local material and hand dyed by artisans in Bali, Indonesia 

100% Plant Dyed + 100% Silk Satin

This is one of our non-bias slip styles that is A-line and is a free hip silhouette, it self-ties at shoulders or can be tied in a racer back style with it's main feature being a beautiful, plunging open back

Indigo and mango leaves have medicinal properties that include the anti-fungal, anti-septic qualities of indigo with the circulatory promoting and digestive soothing effects of the mango leaf. These tropical leaves promote a feel good while protective effect so enjoy wearing them and feeling the energetic qualities while knowing the plants are natural medicine and their color creates a gentler impact on your personal and exterior environments.