AWAVEAWAKE in the year 2011 from Jaclyn Hodes' already decade long experience studying (Fashion and Textiles in the graduate program at FIT) and working as a stylist and consultant that had converged with her long practice of studying yoga and healing modalities. There came a critical time the years leading up to AWAVEAWAKE where it was clear that things were already hitting a critical point and the industry was oversaturated and slowly awakening to it's consciousness problem, that although there were so many creative brilliant people in the industry only a few were also connecting the dots and being aware of the devastation of their impact to the environment. Jaclyn as a creative but also as a student of consciousness and healing, wanted to create but from a new paradigm. So in order to create anything new, it had to be from this new paradigm. And in this new paradigm we all have a different role to play.

Our role is unique to us and each and everyone has a calling. Jaclyn designed clothing that she would want to wear, luxurious but with a sense of chill and ease and pieces that traveled well and would transition from day into night and back again. And when she was researching the production process she was naturally led to the world of natural dyes. She was not only entranced by their effect on the material, making it all so much more luminous than even conventional silk, but also compelled by the poetry of using all natural materials. Additionally the purity of the real natural color resonates at a frequency that has a certain healing vibration and then there is the potential healing properties of each of the ingredients used to make the color and on top of that you have the added benefit of  color psychology. There is so much story here and that is why on some level the clothes express a natural elegance that is even sometimes quiet. Because what we also need now, in addition to recognizing that our relationship to ourselves, our body and the earth are intricately connected, and that must be aware of our impact, that we also need to go beyond the noise and trends and tune what is timeless and there in lies some stillness and that's where we find truth.